Written Testimonials

tk west
a month ago-
I underwent Coolsculpting and I love the results. I am 50ish, post menopausal and have accumulated fat in areas where it will not decrease with eating healthy, running, weight lifting and various other exercise. At this point, I have had four procedures in two separate sessions with the help of Lisa who guided me through the pre-treatments, treatments and post-treatments. She prepared me well for what would occur afterward. I experienced tenderness, a little swelling, no bruising and some cramping, but was given a prescription that helped elminate most of those issues. I also wore the compression garment religiously and felt less of the after effects because of that. Four months after Coolsculpting my upper and lower abdomen - I am thrilled with the results. I nearly have a flat abdomen. I admit that I cheated at the gym due to work/other commitments and eating all the wrong things during stressful times, but still obtained fantastic results. I recently returned for a second session, having my lower abdomen (a second time) and my love handles Coolsculpted. It was a brreeze. No swelling, brusing and very little tenderness. I am excited see the changes I undergo in the next few months. I also attended an open house at BWS and purchased the best mineral makeup I've ever used. And, I won a gift certficate for a Coolsculpting. So, I highly recommend that you visit the open houses at the spa...meet the staff...take advantage of all the wonderful services they offer during that event...and enjoy the results you'll achieve like me.

L Kathleen
10 months ago-
Before I ever set foot in the office, I knew I liked this business just from reading their website. I could see that the standard of service was high and the people behind the company care about results and their employees. At Blue Water Spa I have had Botox, Juviderm, chemical peels, microdermabrasion, massage, laser hair removal, and most recently Cool Sculpting. I have referred several friends to Blue Water Spa. I was a longtime waxer until I tried Laser Hair Removal and now I tell anyone who asks to stop wasting time and money waxing! I got a Cool sculpting procedure as soon as they offered it and I already see a difference. Now I want to get my love handles done so they will be gone before summer. I have had good results from everything I had done and have been told from staff that they invest in the best, most powerful machines that do the job right. I believe it because I am never disappointed.

Amy Williams
3 weeks ago
I love Blue water spa! I've been to several Med spa's in Raleigh and this is the best one! Thank you to Adrian for performing the best laser treatments to keeping me looking young and beautiful. And a huge thank you to Lisa for taking my stubborn fat away with coolsculpting!

Great Coolsculpting Experience - Raleigh-Durham, NC, StaleyB
Debbie was really professional and made me feel really comfortable during the treatment.

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